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HCPCS Code E2211
Procedure Pneumatic propulsion tire
Description Manual wheelchair accessory, pneumatic propulsion tire, any size, each
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HCPCS Pricing Indicator Code 32 = Inexpensive & routinely purchased DME (price subject to floors and ceilings)
HCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code A = Not applicable as HCPCS priced under one methodology
HCPCS Coverage Code C = Carrier judgement
HCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service Code D1D = Wheelchairs
HCPCS Type Of Service Code A = Used durable medical equipment (DME), P = Lump sum purchase of DME, prosthetics, orthotics, R = Rental of DME
HCPCS Action Code N = No maintenance for this code
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HCPCS Code Added Date 2006-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Code Added Year
HCPCS Action Effective Date 2006-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Action Effective Year
HCPCS Termination Date Active
HCPCS Termination Year
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HCPCS Code: Replacement blood pump Blood pump for hemodialysis, replacement
HCPCS Code: Foam filled propulsion tire Manual wheelchair accessory, foam filled propulsion tire, any size, each
HCPCS Code: Solid caster tire repl, each Manual wheelchair accessory, solid (rubber/plastic) caster tire (removable), any size, replacement only, each
HCPCS Code: Adjust toe ext/flex device Dynamic adjustable toe extension/flexion device, includes soft interface material
HCPCS Code: Conductive garment for tens/ Form fitting conductive garment for delivery of tens or nmes (with conductive fibers separated from the patient's skin by layers of fabric)
HCPCS Code: Add pwr leg elevation Wheelchair accessory, addition to power seating system, power leg elevation system, including leg rest, pair
HCPCS Code: Battery charger, port conc Oxygen accessory, battery charger for portable concentrator, any type, replacement only, each
HCPCS Code: Rig ped wc tltnspc w/o seat Wheelchair, pediatric size, tilt-in-space, rigid, adjustable, without seating system
HCPCS Code: Walker crutch attachment Crutch attachment, walker, each
HCPCS Code: Hydrocollator unit portable Hydrocollator unit, portable

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HCPCS Code: Powered pres-redu air mattrs Powered pressure-reducing air mattress
HCPCS Code: Hospital bed institutional t Hospital bed, institutional type includes: oscillating, circulating and stryker frame, with mattress
HCPCS Code: Commode chair with fixed arm Commode chair, mobile or stationary, with fixed arms
HCPCS Code: Lever-activated wheel drive Manual wheelchair accessory, lever-activated, wheel drive, pair
HCPCS Code: Chest shell Chest shell (cuirass)
HCPCS Code: Pediatric wheelchair nos Wheelchair, pediatric size, not otherwise specified
HCPCS Code: Sps forearm device Static progressive stretch forearm pronation / supination device, with or without range of motion adjustment, includes all components and accessories
HCPCS Code: Electric heat pad moist Electric heat pad, moist
HCPCS Code: Wheelchair wide w/ foot rest Wide heavy duty wheelchair, detachable arms desk or full length arms, swing away detachable footrests
HCPCS Code: Expandable controller, initl Power wheelchair accessory, expandable controller, including all related electronics and mounting hardware, upgrade provided at initial issue

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HCPCS Code: Seat lift for pt furn-electr Separate seat lift mechanism for use with patient owned furniture-electric
HCPCS Code: Bed board Bed board
HCPCS Code: Wc planar back cush wd>=22in Positioning wheelchair back cushion, planar back with lateral supports, width 22 inches or greater, any height, including any type mounting hardware
HCPCS Code: Pwr seat combo w/shear Wheelchair accessory, power seating system, combination tilt and recline, with mechanical shear reduction
HCPCS Code: Fluid circ cold pad w pump Fluid circulating cold pad with pump, any type
HCPCS Code: Soft interface material Replacement soft interface material, dynamic adjustable extension/flexion device
HCPCS Code: Pos back post/lat wdth>=22in Positioning wheelchair back cushion, posterior-lateral, width 22 inches or greater, any height, including any type mounting hardware
HCPCS Code: Wheelchair narrowing device Narrowing device, wheelchair
HCPCS Code: Sgd prerec msg >8min <=20min Speech generating device, digitized speech, using pre-recorded messages, greater than 8 minutes but less than or equal to 20 minutes recording time
HCPCS Code: Walker leg extenders set of4 Leg extensions for walker, per set of four (4)

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ICD 10 Code: O00 - O9A Genital varices in pregnancy, first trimester O00 - O9A Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
ICD 10 Code: E00 - E89 Homocystinuria E00 - E89 Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
ICD 10 Code: E00 - E89 Hyperprolactinemia E00 - E89 Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
ICD 10 Code: K00 - K95 Ulcer of esophagus with bleeding K00 - K95 Diseases of the digestive system
ICD 10 Conversion: 2018.0 D22.11 2018.0
HCPCS Code: Wheelchair bearings Wheelchair accessory, bearings, any type, replacement only, each
HCPCS Code: Pneumatic propulsion tire Manual wheelchair accessory, pneumatic propulsion tire, any size, each
ICD 10 Code: M00 - M99 Recurrent subluxation of patella, right knee M00 - M99 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
ICD 10 Code: E00 - E89 Secondary hyperparathyroidism, not elsewhere classified E00 - E89 Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
ICD 10 Conversion: 2018.0 D22.11 2018.0