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HCPCS Code G9214
Procedure Cd4 count documented
Description Cd4+ cell count or cd4+ cell percentage results documented
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HCPCS Pricing Indicator Code 00 = Service not separately priced by part B (e.G., services not covered, bundled, used by part a only, etc.)
HCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code 9 = Not applicable as HCPCS not priced separately by part B (pricing indicator is 00) or value is not established (pricing indicator is '99')
HCPCS Coverage Code C = Carrier judgement
HCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service Code M5B = Specialist - psychiatry
HCPCS Type Of Service Code 1 = Medical care
HCPCS Action Code N = No maintenance for this code
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HCPCS Code Added Date 2014-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Code Added Year
HCPCS Action Effective Date 2015-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Action Effective Year
HCPCS Termination Date 2014-12-31 00:00:00
HCPCS Termination Year
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Other HCPCS Codes

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HCPCS Code: Amp reqd w/in 48h ieler proc Major amputation or open surgical bypass required within 48 hours of the index endovascular lower extremity revascularization procedure
HCPCS Code: Memory goal status Memory functional limitation, projected goal status at therapy episode outset, at reporting intervals, and at discharge or to end reporting
HCPCS Code: Norsn no foot exam Foot exam was not performed, reason not given
HCPCS Code: Pt inelig footwear evaluatio Clinician documented that patient was not an eligible candidate for footwear evaluation measure
HCPCS Code: Intend rpt mult chr msr grp I intend to report the multiple chronic conditions measures group
HCPCS Code: Follow up pulm nod Follow-up recommendations documented according to recommended guidelines for incidentally detected pulmonary nodules (e.g., follow-up ct imaging studies needed or that no follow-up is needed) based at a minimum on nodule size and patient risk factors
HCPCS Code: Scr for dep not cpt doc rsn Screening for depression not completed, documented reason
HCPCS Code: Site not small cell lung ca Specimen site other than anatomic location of lung or is not classified as non small cell lung cancer
HCPCS Code: Onc dx rectal t1-3,n1-2noprg Oncology; disease status; rectal cancer, limited to invasive cancer, adenocarcinoma as predominant cell type; extent of disease initially established as t1-3, n1-2, m0 (prior to neo-adjuvant therapy, if any) with no evidence of disease progression, recurrence or metastases (for use in a medicare-approved demonstration project)
HCPCS Code: Body pos current status Changing & maintaining body position functional limitation, current status, at therapy episode outset and at reporting intervals

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HCPCS Code: Doc dx ckd Documentation of diagnosis of chronic kidney disease
HCPCS Code: Screen c/v thin layer by md Screening cytopathology, cervical or vaginal (any reporting system), collected in preservative fluid, automated thin layer preparation, requiring interpretation by physician
HCPCS Code: Ajcc stg brt ca dx ii or iii Ajcc stage at breast cancer diagnosis = ii or iii
HCPCS Code: No antplt med disch No antiplatelet medication at discharge
HCPCS Code: Ecg performed 12-lead electrocardiogram (ecg) performed
HCPCS Code: Assay of acetaminophen Acetaminophen
HCPCS Code: Pt dchg home post op day 7 Patient discharge to home no later than post-operative day #7
HCPCS Code: Hosp new dx cva consid evst Hospitalized patients with newly diagnosed cva considered for endovascular stroke treatment
HCPCS Code: Pt pres antibiotic Patient prescribed or dispensed antibiotic
HCPCS Code: Cva stroke dx tx transf fac Patients who are transferred from one institution to another with a known diagnosis of cva for endovascular stroke treatment

Additional HCPCS Codes

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HCPCS Code: Pt hx act drain prev 90 days Patient has a history of active drainage from the ear within the previous 90 days
HCPCS Code: Pt doc Patient has documentation of ventricular shunt, brain tumor, multisystem trauma, pregnancy, or is currently taking an antiplatelet medication including: abciximab, cangrelor, cilostazol, clopidogrel, eptifibatide, prasugrel, ticlopidine, ticagrelor, tirofiban, or vorapaxar
HCPCS Code: Amp no reqd in48h ieler proc Major amputation or open surgical bypass not required within 48 hours of the index endovascular lower extremity revascularization procedure
HCPCS Code: No eval opi use instr/intv Patient not evaluated for risk of misuse of opiates by using a brief validated instrument (e.g., opioid risk tool, soapp-r) or patient not interviewed at least once during opioid therapy
HCPCS Code: Doc of pain comfort 48hr Documentation of patient pain brought to a comfortable level within 48 hours from initial assessment
HCPCS Code: Onc dx nsclc stg3a no progre Oncology; disease status; limited to non-small cell lung cancer; extent of disease initially established as stage iii a (prior to neo-adjuvant therapy, if any) with no evidence of disease progression, recurrence, or metastases (for use in a medicare-approved demonstration project)
HCPCS Code: Pt disch to home by day#7 Patient discharge to home no later than post-operative day #7
HCPCS Code: Doc no comp or mort w in 90d Documentation of patient without one or more complications within 90 days
HCPCS Code: Pt w/hosp anytime msmt per Patients using hospice services any time during the measurement period
HCPCS Code: Percutaneous islet celltrans Percutaneous islet cell transplant, includes portal vein catheterization and infusion

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Similar HCPCS Codes to G9214

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HCPCS Code: Pt receiving anti-tnf agent Patient receiving an anti-tnf agent
ICD 10 Code: G00 - G99 Hydrocephalus in diseases classified elsewhere G00 - G99 Diseases of the nervous system
HCPCS Code: Cd4 count documented Cd4+ cell count or cd4+ cell percentage results documented
HCPCS Code: Antiviral not ordered Antiretroviral thereapy not prescribed
HCPCS Code: Tkr intent I intend to report the total knee replacement measures group
ICD 10 Code: C00 - D49 Acute promyelocytic leukemia, in remission C00 - D49 Neoplasms
HCPCS Code: Death during index hosp Death occurring during the index acute care hospitalization
ICD 10 Code: G00 - G99 Vascular parkinsonism G00 - G99 Diseases of the nervous system
HCPCS Code: Interferon alfa-2b inj Injection, interferon, alfa-2b, recombinant, 1 million units
ICD 10 Code: G00 - G99 Metabolic encephalopathy G00 - G99 Diseases of the nervous system