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HCPCS Code G9854
Procedure No icu stay last 30d life
Description Patient was not admitted to the icu in the last 30 days of life
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HCPCS Pricing Indicator Code 00 = Service not separately priced by part B (e.G., services not covered, bundled, used by part a only, etc.)
HCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code 9 = Not applicable as HCPCS not priced separately by part B (pricing indicator is 00) or value is not established (pricing indicator is '99')
HCPCS Coverage Code C = Carrier judgement
HCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service Code Z2 = Undefined codes
HCPCS Type Of Service Code 1 = Medical care
HCPCS Action Code N = No maintenance for this code
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HCPCS Code Added Date 2017-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Code Added Year
HCPCS Action Effective Date 2017-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Action Effective Year
HCPCS Termination Date Active
HCPCS Termination Year
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HCPCS Code: Assay of nortiptyline Nortriptyline
HCPCS Code: Doc viral load <200 Documentation of viral load less than 200 copies/ml
HCPCS Code: Pos air press prescribe Positive airway pressure therapy prescribed
HCPCS Code: Rafscrs ewh no scor no surv Risk-adjusted functional status change residual score for the elbow, wrist or hand impairment not measured because the patient did not complete the fs intake survey on admission and/or follow up fs status survey near discharge, reason not given
HCPCS Code: Pd mg qual act perform All quality actions for the applicable measures in the parkinson's disease measures group have been performed for this patient
HCPCS Code: Occlusive device in vein art Placement of occlusive device into either a venous or arterial access site, post surgical or interventional procedure (e.g., angioseal plug, vascular plug)
HCPCS Code: Embolization not doc separat Embolization endpoints are not documented separately for each embolized vessel or ovarian artery angiography or embolization not performed in the presence of variant uterine artery anatomy
HCPCS Code: No scr utr malig/us/samp rng Patient not screened for uterine malignancy, or those that have not had an ultrasound and/or endometrial sampling of any kind, reason not given
HCPCS Code: Csit on pt any reas 30 days Cardiac stress imaging test performed on patient for any reason including those who did not have low risk surgery or test that was performed more than 30 days preceding low risk surgery
HCPCS Code: Doc >1 sinus ct w 90d dx More than one ct scan of the paranasal sinuses ordered or received within 90 days after diagnosis

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HCPCS Code: No oder pjp for med reason Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia prophylaxis not prescribed within 3 months of low cd4+ cell count below 200 cells/mm3 for medical reason (i.e., patient's cd4+ cell count above threshold within 3 months after cd4+ cell count below threshold, indicating that the patient's cd4+ levels are within an acceptable range and the patient does not require pcp prophylaxis)
HCPCS Code: Pathology report not sent Pathology report diagnosing cutaneous basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma (to include in situ disease) was not sent from the pathologist/dermatopathologist to the biopsying clinician for review within 7 days from the time when the tissue specimen was received by the pathologist
HCPCS Code: Cont intraop neuro monitor Continuous intraoperative neurophysiology monitoring, from outside the operating room (remote or nearby), per patient, (attention directed exclusively to one patient) each 15 minutes (list in addition to primary procedure)
HCPCS Code: Pt on daily asa/antiplat Patient is currently on a daily aspirin or other antiplatelet
HCPCS Code: Doc esrd dia trans preg Documentation of end stage renal disease (esrd), dialysis, renal transplant before or during the measurement period or pregnancy during the measurement period
HCPCS Code: Remote e/m new pt 30 mins Remote in-home visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient for use only in a medicare-approved bundled payments for care improvement advanced (bpci advanced) model episode of care, which requires these 3 key components: a detailed history; a detailed examination; medical decision making of low complexity, furnished in real time using interactive audio and video technology. counseling and coordination of care with other physicians, other qualified health care professionals or agencies are provided consistent with the nature of the problem(s) and the needs of the patient or the family or both. usually, the presenting problem(s) are of moderate severity. typically, 30 minutes are spent with the patient or family or both via real time, audio and video intercommunications technology
HCPCS Code: Radiation treatment delivery Radiation treatment delivery, 2 separate treatment areas, 3 or more ports on a single treatment area, use of multiple blocks: 11-19 mev
HCPCS Code: >= 2 same hi-rsk med ord At least two orders for the same high-risk medication
HCPCS Code: Report, diabetes measures I intend to report the diabetes mellitus (dm) measures group
HCPCS Code: Doc med rsn no tbco interv Documentation of medical reason(s) for not providing tobacco cessation intervention if identified as a tobacco user (eg, limited life expectancy, other medical reason)

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HCPCS Code: Grp psych partial hosp 45-50 Group psychotherapy other than of a multiple-family group, in a partial hospitalization setting, approximately 45 to 50 minutes
HCPCS Code: Payment screen mam + diagmam Performance and payment of a screening mammogram and diagnostic mammogram on the same patient, same day
HCPCS Code: Oth resp proc, group Therapeutic procedures to improve respiratory function or increase strength or endurance of respiratory muscles, two or more individuals (includes monitoring)
HCPCS Code: No off assis eol Patient not offered assistance with end of life issues during the measurement period
HCPCS Code: Taking statin or rec'd order Patients who are currently statin therapy users or received an order (prescription) for statin therapy
HCPCS Code: Onc dx pancreatic unresectab Oncology; disease status; pancreatic cancer, limited to adenocarcinoma; unresectable at diagnosis, m1 at diagnosis, metastatic, locally recurrent, or progressive (for use in a medicare-approved demonstration project)
HCPCS Code: No doc cur funct assess Functional outcome assessment using a standardized tool not documented, reason not given
HCPCS Code: Dias bp > or = 90 Most recent diastolic blood pressure >= 90 mmhg
HCPCS Code: Pts breastfeeding Patients who are breastfeeding
HCPCS Code: Recon, cta for surg plan Reconstruction, computed tomographic angiography of aorta for surgical planning for vascular surgery

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HCPCS Code: Pt met dis at dx Patient has metastatic disease at diagnosis
HCPCS Code: Pt died from cancer Patients who died from cancer
HCPCS Code: Pt no hospice Patient was not admitted to hospice
HCPCS Code: Pt enroll hospice Patient enrolled in hospice
HCPCS Code: Pt died from cancer Patients who died from cancer
HCPCS Code: Incid pulm nodule A finding of an incidental pulmonary nodule
HCPCS Code: Pt died from cancer Patients who died from cancer
HCPCS Code: Pt admit hospice Patient admitted to hospice
HCPCS Code: Mon anesth care Monitored anesthesia care (mac)
HCPCS Code: No icu stay last 30d life Patient was not admitted to the icu in the last 30 days of life