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HCPCS Code G9928
Procedure No warf or fda drug presc
Description Warfarin or another fda-approved anticoagulant not prescribed, reason not given
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HCPCS Pricing Indicator Code 00 = Service not separately priced by part B (e.G., services not covered, bundled, used by part a only, etc.)
HCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code 9 = Not applicable as HCPCS not priced separately by part B (pricing indicator is 00) or value is not established (pricing indicator is '99')
HCPCS Coverage Code C = Carrier judgement
HCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service Code Z2 = Undefined codes
HCPCS Type Of Service Code 1 = Medical care
HCPCS Action Code N = No maintenance for this code
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HCPCS Code Added Date 2018-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Code Added Year
HCPCS Action Effective Date 2018-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Action Effective Year
HCPCS Termination Date Active
HCPCS Termination Year
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HCPCS Code: No doc sinus ct 28d or dx Ct scan of the paranasal sinuses not ordered at the time of diagnosis or received within 28 days after date of diagnosis
HCPCS Code: No antlipid treat disch No anti-lipid treatment at discharge
HCPCS Code: Medrsn no std nomenclature Documentation of medical reason(s) for not naming ct studies according to a standardized nomenclature provided (eg, ct studies performed for radiation treatment planning or image-guided radiation treatment delivery)
HCPCS Code: Doc fcn/care plan w/30 days Functional outcomes assessment using a standardized tool is documented within the previous 30 days and care plan, based on identified deficiencies on the date of the functional outcome assessment, is documented
HCPCS Code: Hhcp-svs of csw,ea 15 min Services of clinical social worker in home health or hospice settings, each 15 minutes
HCPCS Code: Onc prac cond noadd by guide Oncology; practice guidelines; patient's condition not addressed by available guidelines (for use in a medicare-approved demonstration project)
HCPCS Code: Snp/lg trm cre pt w/pos cde Patient age 65 or older in institutional special needs plans (snp) or residing in long-term care with pos code 32, 33, 34, 54, or 56 any time during the measurement period
HCPCS Code: Pt ui srg 30 day pst srg Patient sustained ureter injury at the time of surgery or discovered subsequently up to 30 days post-surgery
HCPCS Code: Asp not presc doc reas Aspirin not prescribed for documented reasons (e.g., allergy, medical intolerance, history of bleed)
HCPCS Code: Colon ca scrn; barium enema Colorectal cancer screening; barium enema

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HCPCS Code: Neo detect scrn colo Adenoma(s) or other neoplasm detected during screening colonoscopy
HCPCS Code: Dstry eye lesn,fdr vssl tech Destruction of localized lesion of choroid (for example, choroidal neovascularization); photocoagulation, feeder vessel technique (one or more sessions)
HCPCS Code: 1 bod temp >=35.5 At least 1 body temperature measurement equal to or greater than 35.5 degrees celsius (or 95.9 degrees fahrenheit) not achieved within the 30 minutes immediately before or the 15 minutes immediately after anesthesia end time, reason not given
HCPCS Code: Hhc pt assistant ea 15 Services performed by a qualified physical therapist assistant in the home health or hospice setting, each 15 minutes
HCPCS Code: Pd mg qual act perform All quality actions for the applicable measures in the parkinson's disease measures group have been performed for this patient
HCPCS Code: Pt no recd anti-egfr ther Patient did not receive anti-egfr monoclonal antibody therapy
HCPCS Code: Pt not eli d/t act dig htn Patient not eligible due to active diagnosis of hypertension
HCPCS Code: Door to punc time >2hr, nrg Door to puncture time of greater than 2 hours, no reason given
HCPCS Code: Survive/no stroke post cas Documentation of patient survival and absence of stroke following cas
HCPCS Code: Care man home care plan 30 m Limited (30 minutes) care management home care plan oversight. for use only in a medicare-approved cmmi model. (services must be furnished within a beneficiary's home, domiciliary, rest home, assisted living and/or nursing facility)

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HCPCS Code: Node neg pre/post syst ther Clinically node negative (t1n0m0 or t2n0m0) invasive breast cancer before or after neoadjuvant systemic therapy
HCPCS Code: 2 em core ms mo 7-9 wl Two medicare diabetes prevention program (mdpp) core maintenance sessions (ms) were attended by an mdpp beneficiary in months (mo) 7-9 under the mdpp expanded model (em). a core maintenance session is an mdpp service that: (1) is furnished by an mdpp supplier during months 7 through 12 of the mdpp services period; (2) is approximately 1 hour in length; and (3) adheres to a cdc-approved dpp curriculum for maintenance sessions.the beneficiary achieved at least 5% weight loss (wl) from his/her baseline weight, as measured by at least one in-person weight measurement at a core maintenance session in months 7-9
HCPCS Code: Mccd, risk adj, level 3 Coordinated care fee, risk adjusted maintenance, level 3
HCPCS Code: Bp sys>=140 and/or dias >=90 Most recent blood pressure has a systolic measurement of >= 140 mmhg and/or a diastolic measurement of >= 90 mmhg
HCPCS Code: Image not std nomenclature Imaging study not named according to standardized nomenclature, reason not given
HCPCS Code: Pt w/90d mrs >2 Patients with 90 day mrs score greater than 2
HCPCS Code: Fqhc visit new patient Federally qualified health center (fqhc) visit, new patient; a medically-necessary, face-to-face encounter (one-on-one) between a new patient and a fqhc practitioner during which time one or more fqhc services are rendered and includes a typical bundle of medicare-covered services that would be furnished per diem to a patient receiving a fqhc visit
HCPCS Code: Doc of neg or man pos tb scn Documentation of negative or managed positive tb screen with further evidence that tb is not active within one year of patient visit
HCPCS Code: Ccm/bhi by rhc/fqhc 20min mo Rural health clinic or federally qualified health center (rhc or fqhc) only, general care management, 20 minutes or more of clinical staff time for chronic care management services or behavioral health integration services directed by an rhc or fqhc practitioner (physician, np, pa, or cnm), per calendar month
HCPCS Code: Idx evt dte phq>9 doc 12 mo Index event date phq-9 or phq-9m score greater than 9 documented during the twelve month denominator identification period

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HCPCS Code: Refused to participate Patient refused to participate
HCPCS Code: Scrning perf and negative Screening performed and negative
ICD 10 Code: G00 - G99 Myelopathy in diseases classified elsewhere G00 - G99 Diseases of the nervous system
HCPCS Code: No warf or fda drug presc Warfarin or another fda-approved anticoagulant not prescribed, reason not given
ICD 10 Code: G00 - G99 Other specified disorders of nervous system in diseases classified elsewhere G00 - G99 Diseases of the nervous system
ICD 10 Code: M00 - M99 Subluxation stenosis of neural canal of rib cage M00 - M99 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
HCPCS Code: No funct stat perf, rsn nos Functional status not performed, reason not otherwise specified
HCPCS Code: Safty cncrns scrn and neg Safety concerns screen provided and negative
HCPCS Code: No scrn prov rsn nos Safety concerns screening not provided, reason not otherwise specified
ICD 10 Code: G00 - G99 Other chronic postprocedural pain G00 - G99 Diseases of the nervous system