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HCPCS Code L5984
Procedure Endoskeletal axial rotation
Description All endoskeletal lower extremity prosthesis, axial rotation unit, with or without adjustability
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HCPCS Pricing Indicator Code 38 = Orthotics, prosthetics, prosthetic devices & vision services (price subject to floors and ceilings)
HCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code A = Not applicable as HCPCS priced under one methodology
HCPCS Coverage Code C = Carrier judgement
HCPCS Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service Code D1F = Prosthetic/Orthotic devices
HCPCS Type Of Service Code P = Lump sum purchase of DME, prosthetics, orthotics
HCPCS Action Code N = No maintenance for this code
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HCPCS Code Added Date 1989-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Code Added Year
HCPCS Action Effective Date 2004-01-01 00:00:00
HCPCS Action Effective Year
HCPCS Termination Date Active
HCPCS Termination Year
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HCPCS Code: Post-operative body jacket Other scoliosis procedure, post-operative body jacket
HCPCS Code: Ho frejka cov only pre cst Hip orthosis, abduction control of hip joints, flexible, (frejka cover only), prefabricated item that has been trimmed, bent, molded, assembled, or otherwise customized to fit a specific patient by an individual with expertise
HCPCS Code: Replace socket hip Replacement, socket, hip disarticulation, including hip joint, molded to patient model
HCPCS Code: Afo tibial fracture soft Ankle foot orthosis, fracture orthosis, tibial fracture orthosis, soft, prefabricated, includes fitting and adjustment
HCPCS Code: Knee-shin pro flex/ext cont Addition to lower extremity prosthesis, endoskeletal knee-shin system, powered and programmable flexion/extension assist control, includes any type motor(s)
HCPCS Code: Voice amplifier Voice amplifier
HCPCS Code: Th/wght bear quad-lat brim m Addition to lower extremity, thigh/weight bearing, quadri- lateral brim, molded to patient model
HCPCS Code: Cuffs adj lock w/ active con Elbow orthosis, double upright with forearm/arm cuffs, adjustable position lock with active control, custom fabricated
HCPCS Code: Socket insert below knee Addition to lower extremity, socket insert, below knee (kemblo, pelite, aliplast, plastazote or equal)
HCPCS Code: Lumbar bolster pad Addition to ctlso or scoliosis orthosis, lumbar bolster pad

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HCPCS Code: Ko w adj flex/ext rotat mold Knee orthosis, double upright, thigh and calf, with adjustable flexion and extension joint (unicentric or polycentric), medial-lateral and rotation control, with or without varus/valgus adjustment, custom fabricated
HCPCS Code: Below knee total contact Addition to lower extremity, below knee, total contact
HCPCS Code: Lifts elevation metal extens Lift, elevation, metal extension (skate)
HCPCS Code: Shoe heel pad & depress for Heel, pad and depression for spur
HCPCS Code: Shldr disar prosth tiss shap Shoulder disarticulation, molded socket, endoskeletal system, including soft prosthetic tissue shaping
HCPCS Code: Pelvic control band & belt b Addition to lower extremity, pelvic control, band and belt, bilateral
HCPCS Code: Tlso r fram soft pre ots Tlso, sagittal control, rigid posterior frame and flexible soft anterior apron with straps, closures and padding, restricts gross trunk motion in sagittal plane, produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on intervertebral disks, prefabricated, off-the-shelf
HCPCS Code: Sio flex pelvic/sacr pre ots Sacroiliac orthosis, flexible, provides pelvic-sacral support, reduces motion about the sacroiliac joint, includes straps, closures, may include pendulous abdomen design, prefabricated, off-the-shelf
HCPCS Code: O shoe add horseshoe toe tap Orthopedic shoe addition, toe tap, horseshoe
HCPCS Code: Postop app non-wgt bear dsg Immediate post surgical or early fitting, application of non-weight bearing rigid dressing, below knee

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HCPCS Code: Furnsh initial orthosis only Thoracic-lumbar-sacral-orthosis (tlso), inclusive of furnishing initial orthosis only
HCPCS Code: Trach-esoph voice pros pt in Tracheo-esophageal voice prosthesis, patient inserted, any type, each
HCPCS Code: Knee-shin pneum/hydra pneum Addition, exoskeletal knee-shin system, single axis, pneumatic/hydra pneumatic swing phase control
HCPCS Code: Benesch boot pair infant Benesch boot, pair, infant
HCPCS Code: So hard plas stabili pre cst Shoulder orthosis, shoulder joint design, without joints, may include soft interface, straps, prefabricated item that has been trimmed, bent, molded, assembled, or otherwise customized to fit a specific patient by an individual with expertise
HCPCS Code: Hip canad sing axi cons fric Hip disarticulation, canadian type; molded socket, hip joint, single axis constant friction knee, shin, sach foot
HCPCS Code: Suction susp ak/knee disart Addition to lower extremity, suction suspension, above knee or knee disarticulation socket
HCPCS Code: Coch implant trans coil repl Transmitting coil for use with cochlear implant device, replacement
HCPCS Code: Part hand myo exclu term dev Transcarpal/metacarpal or partial hand disarticulation prosthesis, external power, self-suspended, inner socket with removable forearm section, electrodes and cables, two batteries, charger, myoelectric control of terminal device, excludes terminal device(s)
HCPCS Code: Ue triple control harness Upper extremity addition, harness, triple control, simultaneous operation of terminal device and elbow

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HCPCS Code: Vertical shock reducing pylo Addition to lower limb prosthesis, vertical shock reducing pylon feature
HCPCS Code: Foot single axis ankle/foot All lower extremity prostheses, foot, single axis ankle/foot
HCPCS Code: Flex foot system All lower extremity prostheses, flex foot system
HCPCS Code: Bk fork strap Addition to lower extremity, below knee, fork strap
HCPCS Code: Endoskeletal axial rotation All endoskeletal lower extremity prosthesis, axial rotation unit, with or without adjustability
ICD 10 Code: A00 - B99 Postmeningococcal arthritis A00 - B99 Certain infectious and parasitic diseases
HCPCS Code: Lwr ext dynamic prosth pylon All endoskeletal lower extremity prostheses, dynamic prosthetic pylon
HCPCS Code: Exoskeletal axial rotation u All exoskeletal lower extremity prostheses, axial rotation unit
ICD 10 Code: L00 - L99 Other specified disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue related to radiation L00 - L99 Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
HCPCS Code: Protect body sock ea pre ots Protective body sock, prefabricated, off-the-shelf, each