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Hospital Emergency Code
Description Emergency is over.

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HCPCS Code: Obtaining screen pap smear Screening papanicolaou smear; obtaining, preparing and conveyance of cervical or vaginal smear to laboratory
HCPCS Code: Ef adult fluids and electro Enteral formula, for adults, used to replace fluids and electrolytes (e.g., clear liquids), 500 ml = 1 unit
Code Clear
Hospital Emergency Code: Emergency is over.
HCPCS Code: Cer post col occ/man sup adj Cervical, multiple post collar, occipital/mandibular supports, adjustable
Medical Terminology: Relating to the ribs Latin (pleura) from Ancient Greek πλευρόν (pleurón), rib, side of the body Pleurogenous
Medical Terminology: Pear Latin pirum, pear Piriformis muscle
chir-, cheir-
Medical Terminology: Relating to the hand Ancient Greek χείρ, χειρο- (cheir, cheiro-), hand Chiropractor
HCPCS Code: Ef ped fluid and electrolyte Enteral formula, for pediatrics, used to replace fluids and electrolytes (e.g., clear liquids), 500 ml = 1 unit
Medical Terminology: split, cleft Greek σχιστός (schistos) schistocyte
Medical Terminology: Relating to the nail, a claw Latin unguis, nail, claw Unguiform, Ungual