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Medical Term thel-
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Meaning Relating to a nipple
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Origin Ancient Greek θηλή (thēlē), a teat, nipple
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Examples Theleplasty, thelarche
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Medical Terminology: tone, tension, pressure Greek τόνος (tonos)
Medical Terminology: trachea Greek τραχεία Tracheotomy
Medical Terminology: case, sheath Ancient Greek θήκη (thēkē) Intrathecal
Medical Terminology: emotions Greek: "thymos", spirit, soul; courage; breath, mind, emotions dysthymia
Medical Terminology: tension Greek -τονία
Medical Terminology: treatment Ancient Greek (therapeía) hydrotherapy, therapeutic
Medical Terminology: Denoting something as moving or situated across or through Latin trāns, "across, through" Transfusion
Medical Terminology: twisted Latin tortus Torticollis
Medical Terminology: place, topical Greek τόπος (topos) Topical anesthetic
Medical Terminology: Denoting something as fast, irregularly fast Ancient Greek ταχύς (tachys), fast, quickly tachycardia

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Medical Terminology: rigid, tense Ancient Greek tetanos tetanus
Medical Terminology: thyroid Greek θυρεο-ειδής
Medical Terminology: eardrum Greek τύμπανον Tympanocentesis
Medical Terminology: Monster Ancient Greek teras(s) terata(pl) teratoma, teratogen
Medical Terminology: childbirth Greek τόκος tocolytic
tox(i)-, tox(o)-, toxic(o)-
Medical Terminology: toxin, poison Greek τοξικόν Toxoplasmosis
Medical Terminology: heat Ancient Greek θερμός (thermós) Hypothermia
Medical Terminology: Denoting something as 'relating to a woman, feminine' Ancient Greek θῆλυς (thēlys), female, feminine Thelygenous
Medical Terminology: Relating to a blood clot, clotting of blood Ancient Greek θρόμβος (thrómbos), lump, piece, clot of blood Thrombus, thrombocytopenia
thorac(i)-, thorac(o)-, thoracico-
Medical Terminology: Relating to the upper chest, chest; the area above the breast and under the neck Latin (thōrāx) < Ancient Greek θώραξ (thōrax), chest, cuirass thoracic, thorax

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-tension, -tensive
Medical Terminology: pressure Latin Hypertension
Medical Terminology: act of cutting; incising, incision Greek -τομία Gastrotomy
trich(i)-, trichia, trich(o)-
Medical Terminology: Relating to hair, hair-like structure Ancient Greek θρίξ, τριχ(ο)- (thríx, trich(o)-), hair Trichocyst
Medical Terminology: nourishment, development Greek -τροφία, τροφή Pseudohypertrophy
Medical Terminology: cutting instrument Greek τομή (tomē)
Medical Terminology: pertaining to Greek -τικός
Medical Terminology: three Latin triangle, triceps
Medical Terminology: Relating to the neck Ancient Greek τράχηλος (tráchēlos), neck tracheloplasty
Medical Terminology: crushing Greek τρίψις Lithotripsy

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HCPCS Code: Frontier extended stay demo Frontier extended stay clinic demonstration; for a patient stay in a clinic approved for the cms demonstration project; the following measures should be present: the stay must be equal to or greater than 4 hours; weather or other conditions must prevent transfer or the case falls into a category of monitoring and observation cases that are permitted by the rules of the demonstration; there is a maximum frontier extended stay clinic (fesc) visit of 48 hours, except in the case when weather or other conditions prevent transfer; payment is made on each period up to 4 hours, after the first 4 hours
Medical Terminology: Relating to a nipple Ancient Greek θηλή (thēlē), a teat, nipple Theleplasty, thelarche
HCPCS Code: Doc pt no ther chg or contra Documentation that the patient declined therapy change or has documented contraindications (e.g., experienced adverse effects or lack of efficacy with all other therapy options) in order to achieve better disease control as measured by pga, bsa, pasi, or dlqi
HCPCS Code: No doc rsn do qual life assm Health-related quality of life not assessed with tool for documented reason(s) (e.g., patient has a cognitive or neuropsychiatric impairment that impairs his/her ability to complete the hrqol survey, patient has the inability to read and/or write in order to complete the hrqol questionnaire)
HCPCS Code: Svc on behalf client-collat Services provided on behalf of the client to someone other than the client (collateral relationship)
Medical Terminology: Denoting something as 'relating to a woman, feminine' Ancient Greek θῆλυς (thēlys), female, feminine Thelygenous
HCPCS Code: Removal of sutures Removal of sutures; by a physician other than the physician who originally closed the wound
HCPCS Code: Impression casting ft Impression casting of a foot performed by a practitioner other than the manufacturer of the orthotic
HCPCS Code: Infusion ther other than che Infusion therapy, using other than chemotherapeutic drugs, per visit
HCPCS Code: Adj chem not pres rsn spec Adjuvant chemotherapy not prescribed or previously received, for documented reasons (e.g., medical co-morbidities, diagnosis date more than 5 years prior to the current visit date, patient's diagnosis date is within 120 days of the end of the 12 month reporting period, patient's cancer has metastasized, medical contraindication/allergy, poor performance status, other medical reasons, patient refusal, other patient reasons, patient is currently enrolled in a clinical trial that precludes prescription of chemotherapy, other system reasons)