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Medical Term -tome
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Meaning cutting instrument
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Origin Greek τομή (tomē)
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Medical Terminology: Denoting something as 'relating to a woman, feminine' Ancient Greek θῆλυς (thēlys), female, feminine Thelygenous
Medical Terminology: crushing Greek τρίψις Lithotripsy
Medical Terminology: heat Ancient Greek θερμός (thermós) Hypothermia
tox(i)-, tox(o)-, toxic(o)-
Medical Terminology: toxin, poison Greek τοξικόν Toxoplasmosis
Medical Terminology: three Latin triangle, triceps
Medical Terminology: Denoting something as moving or situated across or through Latin trāns, "across, through" Transfusion
Medical Terminology: thyroid Greek θυρεο-ειδής
Medical Terminology: eardrum Greek τύμπανον Tympanocentesis
Medical Terminology: emotions Greek: "thymos", spirit, soul; courage; breath, mind, emotions dysthymia
Medical Terminology: Relating to a nipple Ancient Greek θηλή (thēlē), a teat, nipple Theleplasty, thelarche

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Medical Terminology: Relating to the neck Ancient Greek τράχηλος (tráchēlos), neck tracheloplasty
Medical Terminology: Relating to a blood clot, clotting of blood Ancient Greek θρόμβος (thrómbos), lump, piece, clot of blood Thrombus, thrombocytopenia
trich(i)-, trichia, trich(o)-
Medical Terminology: Relating to hair, hair-like structure Ancient Greek θρίξ, τριχ(ο)- (thríx, trich(o)-), hair Trichocyst
Medical Terminology: Monster Ancient Greek teras(s) terata(pl) teratoma, teratogen
Medical Terminology: place, topical Greek τόπος (topos) Topical anesthetic
-tension, -tensive
Medical Terminology: pressure Latin Hypertension
Medical Terminology: tone, tension, pressure Greek τόνος (tonos)
Medical Terminology: Denoting something as fast, irregularly fast Ancient Greek ταχύς (tachys), fast, quickly tachycardia
Medical Terminology: rigid, tense Ancient Greek tetanos tetanus
Medical Terminology: act of cutting; incising, incision Greek -τομία Gastrotomy

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Medical Terminology: pertaining to Greek -τικός
thorac(i)-, thorac(o)-, thoracico-
Medical Terminology: Relating to the upper chest, chest; the area above the breast and under the neck Latin (thōrāx) < Ancient Greek θώραξ (thōrax), chest, cuirass thoracic, thorax
Medical Terminology: tension Greek -τονία
Medical Terminology: case, sheath Ancient Greek θήκη (thēkē) Intrathecal
Medical Terminology: childbirth Greek τόκος tocolytic
Medical Terminology: nourishment, development Greek -τροφία, τροφή Pseudohypertrophy
Medical Terminology: trachea Greek τραχεία Tracheotomy
Medical Terminology: treatment Ancient Greek (therapeía) hydrotherapy, therapeutic
Medical Terminology: twisted Latin tortus Torticollis

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Code Blue
Hospital Emergency Code: Heart or respiration has stopped
Code Red
Hospital Emergency Code: Fire.
Code Grey
Hospital Emergency Code: Combative person (by patients, families, visitors, staff, or physicians). Code Silver should be used if a weapon is involved.
Code Clear
Hospital Emergency Code: Emergency is over.
Medical Terminology: cutting instrument Greek τομή (tomē)
Table of Drugs: T48.291 T48.292 T48.293 T48.294 T48.295
Code Orange
Hospital Emergency Code: Hazardous spills. Unsafe exposure to spill.
Code Pink
Hospital Emergency Code: Infant abduction.
Code Silver
Hospital Emergency Code: Weapon or hostage situation.
Internal Triage
Hospital Emergency Code: Internal emergency such as a bomb or a bomb threat, computer network system is down, major plumbing problems, power outage, or telephone outage.