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Medical Term uter(o)-
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Meaning Relating to the uterus or womb
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Origin Latin (uterus), womb, uterus
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Examples Uterus
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Medical Terminology: beyond, excessive Latin ultra Ultrasound, ultraviolet
Medical Terminology: Relating to urine, the urinary system Latin ūrīna, urine < Ancient Greek ουρον (ouron) Uriniferous
Medical Terminology: Relating to the navel, the umbilicus Latin umbilīcus, navel, belly-button Umbilical
Medical Terminology: Relating to urine, the urinary system Greek οὐρεῖν (oureîn); οὖρον (oûron), urine; οὐρητήρ(ourētḗr); οὐρήθρα (ourḗthra) antidiuretic, diuresis, diuretic, dysuria, enuresis, polyurea, polyuria, uraemia/uremia, uremic, ureter, urethra, urology
Medical Terminology: Relating to the nail, a claw Latin unguis, nail, claw Unguiform, Ungual
Medical Terminology: uric acid Greek οὐρικός
-ula, -ule
Medical Terminology: small Latin Nodule
Medical Terminology: one Latin unus Unilateral hearing loss

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HCPCS Code: Gauze > 48 in no w/sal w/o b Gauze, impregnated with other than water, normal saline, or hydrogel, sterile, pad size more than 48 sq. in., without adhesive border, each dressing
HCPCS Code: Nebulizer water collec devic Water collection device, used with large volume nebulizer
HCPCS Code: Gauze <=16 in no w/sal w/o b Gauze, impregnated with other than water, normal saline, or hydrogel, sterile, pad size 16 sq. in. or less, without adhesive border, each dressing
HCPCS Code: Infusion ther other than che Infusion therapy, using other than chemotherapeutic drugs, per visit
Medical Abbreviation: Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
Medical Terminology: Relating to the uterus or womb Latin (uterus), womb, uterus Uterus
HCPCS Code: Asa/antiplat ther used Aspirin or another antiplatelet therapy used
HCPCS Code: Med rsn for no rpt uret inj Documented medical reasons for not reporting ureter injury (e.g., gynecologic or other pelvic malignancy documented, concurrent surgery involving bladder pathology, injury that occurs during a urinary incontinence procedure, patient death from non-medical causes not related to surgery, patient died during procedure without evidence of ureter injury)
HCPCS Code: Repl water chamber, pap dev Water chamber for humidifier, used with positive airway pressure device, replacement, each
HCPCS Code: Water distilled w/nebulizer Water, distilled, used with large volume nebulizer, 1000 ml