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Mucolytic drug
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Table of Contents
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Substance Mucolytic drug
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Poisoning Accidental (Unintentional) T48.4X1
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Poisoning Intentional Self-harm T48.4X2
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Poisoning Assault T48.4X3
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Poisoning Undetermined T48.4X4
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Adverse Effect T48.4X5
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Underdosing T48.4X6
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Code Silver
Hospital Emergency Code: Weapon or hostage situation.
Mucolytic drug
Table of Drugs: T48.4X1 T48.4X2 T48.4X3 T48.4X4 T48.4X5
Code Clear
Hospital Emergency Code: Emergency is over.
Amber Alert
Hospital Emergency Code: Infant or child abduction.
Code Orange
Hospital Emergency Code: Hazardous spills. Unsafe exposure to spill.
Code Blue
Hospital Emergency Code: Heart or respiration has stopped
Medical Terminology: childbirth Greek τόκος tocolytic
Code Red
Hospital Emergency Code: Fire.
HCPCS Code: Hit tocolysis diem Home infusion therapy, tocolytic infusion therapy; administrative services, professional pharmacy services, care coordination, and all necessary supplies and equipment (drugs and nursing visits coded separately), per diem
Code Pink
Hospital Emergency Code: Infant abduction.